My Love Dare with God – week 2

wk 2

Welcome to week 2 of My Love Dare with God!  I hope you enjoyed week 1 and found your way around the site.

As I mentioned last week, I recommend approaching the study tools as follows:

  1. print stuff
  2. read The Love Dare
  3. watch related video
  4. read related discussion
  5. complete Think-Write-Pray

Most importantly??? …. no set rules! No set timing!  I remain confident you will find your groove

My Love Dare with God Study – Week 2

I’m looking forward to your feedback!  Please share your thoughts & any questions on the site; also, please feel free to share any artwork on my FB Page – Celeta’s Journey


My Love Dare with God study – the details


Still not sure what this study is all about and who it’s for?????

Hopefully, this post will answer those questions!

  • the study is for anyone who wants to dig deeper in their relationship with God – whether you’re a seasoned or new believer; God will meet you where you are today
  • we’re using the book -> The Love Dare (click on the name of the book to read about the authors) – BUT we’re using it in an unconventional way!
  • you DO NOT need to be married; this study is all about your relationship with God
  • the study will take each “dare” and commentary from the book,  then challenge you to look at how it applies to your relationship with God
  • IMPORTANT!!!  Follow my blog (link to the right), to get the weekly study delivered to your inbox!
  • your cost:
    • the book – The Love Dare (link to the right or your local bookstore)
    • your time
    • an open heart to look at your relationship with God in perhaps a new way
  • the study will provide (at no cost!):
    • discussions for each dare
    • a weekly handout with questions for the dares discussed

For more information, click HERE to read Getting Started

If you have more questions, please leave me a note & I’ll do my best to explain


Who’s Ready?

My Love Dare with God Intro

2017 is coming to a close…. a time of reflection and a time of planning.  A few weeks ago I shared about the upcoming “My Love Dare with God” study – here’s a little intro video to help give you a better idea of what it’s all about!

Thanks in advance for your patience – posting videos is new for me and I’m learning as I go 🙂

Hang tight – the actual study begins mid-late January… click HERE for more details



Wound Care

I must admit, wound care isn’t a topic I typically delve into, but bear with me…as with all things, God provides revelation in the simplest of things…

bandaged%20wound%202A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to be educated on how the body attempts to heal open wounds. Far from an expert on the subject, here’s my takeaway…with an open wound the body’s goal is to protect itself. To bridge the gap of exposed tissue, new tissue forms – a scab…we’ve all had them…and all probably felt the temptation to pick at them…a healing wound is uncomfortable…it itches…it’s tender, Continue reading