Testing of Faith

For weeks I’ve known it was time to share personal news beyond family and still putting it off! Thank You Chrystal Evans Hurst & P31 for sharing words on my heart! Click here to read Chrystal’s devotional.

October 15, 2014 might be seen as one of those “terrible-no-good-very-bad” days….as the doctor’s words floated across the hospital room…”aggressive stage 4 breast cancer….” and my response? “Well, darn”

Yep…tough news is…well…tough! The great thing? God is in control and I am surrounded by loved ones & covered in prayer literally across the country!

 The thing is…we never know what tomorrow holds and we each have a choice…I choose to believe God holds me in the palm of His Mighty Hand and find tremendous comfort in knowing on days when this body aches, He is my faithful healer and providing a way!

From my last post, it’s obvious there’s a lot of backfilling to the story…bear with me as I attempt to share where God has me today, as well as all the lessons learned in 2014.


The Diving Board

God’s timing is always perfect! While I may have originally thought I would attend the 2012 She Speaks Conference, I wasn’t ready…I just love how God works!

Look at this note from late 2011:
When you were a little (or big!) girl and went swimming, were you the type to run full force off the diving board? Or were you perhaps the trepidacious type like me…taking a few steps forward only to retreat again?

That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been doing the past few months with God! I’ve known since last summer I was on a launch pad – He gave me The Love Dare with God to share with others and yet I’m still keeping it to myself.

The thing is…I can still recall the exhiliaration as a little girl when I finally “jumped” off the diving board into the water…

2012 is going to be a HUGE year and I’m excited to see what diving into Living Water feels like! Continue reading