Power of Prayer

Please continue to pray for all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey…. it is all so surreal it’s difficult to take in the devastationūüėě

Our God is mightiful & merciful! He will carry us through this storm. 
I am part of the minority – I am safe & dry, but so so many are not…literally THOUSANDS of boat rescues have taken place in Harris County over the past 48 hours
My heart aches for my fellow neighbors, but joyful to see those spared out helping – whether it’s offering boat rescues, food, shelter (yes! complete strangers opening their homes!), you name it, Texans rise above!

A part of me was frustrated that I couldn’t be one of them….boots on the ground per se, but what I CAN do???? PRAY! To some that may not seem like much, but I’m proof positive of the power of prayer! My body may not be able, but my spirit is STRONG and will prevail. 

Please share your prayer needs


God’s Guiding Hand

It’s still mind boggling to me to think back ten years ago….to a time when God was barely on my radar – thankfully, He never lost sight of me!  And I f you asked me five years ago how I expressed my faith, art was the last thing that would’ve come to mind – and yet, here I am today…thriving spiritually by creating and sharing faith art!

As a child (and adult!) I loved to color – it provides such a calming effect – the cares & concerns of everyday life melt away allowing my spirit to quiet and open the door to hearing God.  What started as an effort to help me relax and remain positive through chemotherapy, quickly developed into an untapped passion. Today, I combine my love of God’s Word with fun art supplies like watercolors, markers, gel pens, and my trusty iPad Pro.  

But as much as I enjoy the process of creating faithart, it’s sharing that really makes my heart smile!  I’m so blessed to share God’s promises through both social media and homemade items like bookmarks and small cards.  What does tomorrow hold? Only He knows, and my confidence lies in His Word as I  open myself to learning new ways to share God’s love. 

Faith in Action

I’ve slowly grown to realize a sermon strikes the target of my soul when it lingers in my thoughts throughout the day (and often many days afterwards!) as it travels from my head to my heart. ¬†This time last year our church pastor preached on the I Am Second series….thankfully, they are taped because I missed too many. ¬†I’m especially thankful God prodded my lazy behind and got me moving that particular Sunday! ¬†The sign out front should’ve read, “Hey Celeta! This message is for YOU!” And boy, howdy….was it ever!

My “one word” last¬†year was¬†surrender and here’s an honest moment for ya…I haven’t exactly made a vast effort to even think if my thoughts & actions reflect such a thing. ¬†Ouch. ¬†You see….this is why I write. Or don’t write. ¬†God is so merciful to help keep me from writing just for the sake of¬†writing. ¬†The thing is, when I do write, it’s raw…it’s vulnerable…it’s authentic.

And just in case you missed it…for me, surrender leads to vulnerability and vulnerability results in faith in action aka writing. ¬†What’s your faith in action? What gets you to your faith in action? I think it’s different for everyone and rarely one thing – isn’t it simply wonderful how uniquely different God made us?IMG_0187

Back to the sermon….it was awesome! The key scripture was Proverbs 3:5-6 and our pastor used the analogy of a trapeze act. ¬†There are two roles: the flyer and the catcher. ¬†As our pastor described, “Faith in Jesus can be compared to a trapeze flyer being caught by the catcher. I am like the flyer. God is like the catcher. MY PART is to trust, surrender, give up my life. GOD’S PART is to catch, to hold, to do in me and for me what I can’t do for myself. That‚Äôs what surrender looks like!” ¬†And there we are….back full circle to surrender.

When I get in my head too much, I fall back¬†on wanting to “do a good job” for God…in some form leaning on my abilities versus leaning on Him to provide …for Him to do in and through me what I cannot do for myself.

So here’s to letting go of the trapeze bar…surrendering to my Catcher…God.


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Choosing my “One Word”

imageLast year I slowly began the process of embracing my new norm… a process that highlighted a hefty chunk of pride. I’ve said time and again that I want to be a bold witness for the Lord… and I’ve taken a few small faith steps in that direction, but definitely no leaps – that’s for sure!

As I began thinking and praying over my ‚Äúword‚ÄĚ a few weeks ago, EMBRACE naturally floated to the forefront of my mind. But that wasn’t quite right‚Ķthen I thought about WITNESS ‚Äď what was holding me back from being the bold witness I claim I want to be??? Duh‚ĶI knew that answer, pride! The prideful part of me still wants to do it all myself, somehow showing God just how much I love Him. Throughout the weeks of prayer, God kept whispering “deeper”‚Ķand I finally landed on my biggest obstacle to fulfilling all of the above‚ĶSURRENDER!

So here I am, with my one word‚Ķa very uncomfortable word at that, which makes it even clearer I’m on to something‚Ķ

Join me, won’t you? Let’s learn how to confidently go before the Throne of Grace. A place where we have the opportunity to surrender our hopes and dreams, our doubts and fears to the Almighty. In return? We can receive His Strength, His Boldness, and His Power to pursue His Plan.

Job 11:13-15(CEV)

Surrender your heart to God,
turn to him in prayer,
and give up your sins‚ÄĒ
even those you do in secret.
Then you won’t be ashamed;
you will be confident
and fearless.

#write31days – Day31

imageDay 31‚Ķwow‚ĶI did it! I had some technical issues yesterday, but here we are. ¬†Around the World in 80 days comes to mind‚Ķexcept it’s 2 years (almost) in 31 days‚Ķlooking back at all the pages, that’s a lot of life! That’s a lot of learning! But as hard as 2013 was, I can see now it was the perfect preparation for the year to come and I am thankful¬†each and¬†every day I learned enough to be able to see and share God at work in 2014. ¬†Life is so much easier when we accept God’s love and mercy and grace‚Ķit’s there – HE’s there – waiting‚Ķall we have to do is ask.

Learning to lean into God and take an active part in a relationship with Him doesn’t necessarily¬†change¬†life events, but it certainly changes the way we¬†see life events.

And yes…there is more to the story…the beginning of a new chapter…the beginning of Embracing the New Norm I wrote about originally…how perfect! As we enter November Рa month often focused on giving thanks РI think is the perfect month to continue sharing… yes, I have stage IV metastatic breast cancer… but I am oh sooooooo thankful!!!!!







#write31days – Day 30

imageYes‚ĶI’m behind posting! ¬†But I’m getting there…

While I’m sure the first few weeks of my parent’s vacation was hardly what they expected – overall, I really enjoyed them being here – especially¬†on simple days and I think they enjoyed the time as well. ¬†Whether it was breakfast at iHop, ¬†getting a haircut, or being serenaded by my stepdad in the car‚ĶI really enjoyed the time together. ¬†Heck, they even taught us how to play pinochle! My stepdad loves FOX News, so I also learned a good bit about what was happening in the world‚Ķ

One of the things they did while visiting was to look at housing options – the cost of living is crazy in California and since my mom retired in JAN’14 (yes‚Ķmy 81yr old mom!) they would be living on a fixed income and were excited at the thought of being close to the rest of the family again.

As you’ll read‚Ķthings rarely go the way you might expect and my parent’s visit wasn’t an exception. ¬†The visit was supposed to be for one month – then it was postponed¬†another three weeks to help me after my dad’s passing – then it was¬†postponed again‚Ķ and then it was another¬†“go” moment‚Ķ and God prepared the way for another move.







#write31days – Day 29

imageThe past two years have been filled with opportunities / lessons for letting go. ¬†Saying goodbye to expectations, a job/career, & my dad. ¬†As hard as it was facing the changes in my dad’s health, today I’m thankful for the opportunity of time. ¬†It’s a commodity so easily taken for granted.

Not that we’re all a bunch of statisticians, but whether we realize it or not we plan based on probabilities. We¬†assume we will have the luxury of putting things off for another day – at least I did… and the thing is, we know there are no guarantees.

But look how perfectly things aligned…sure the journey had some really rough spots…in a way that makes the memory sweeter…to witness the gracious hand of God at work on such a truly personal level is incredible. ¬†Before my dad’s stroke, he longed for the opportunity to see family¬†one more time. ¬†By the grace of God, he did. ¬†I longed to be available for family without the constant work battle of feeling forced to choose otherwise. ¬† By the grace of God, I did. ¬†My mom & stepdad were scheduled to return to California just as hospice was called in for 24hr care. ¬†In the past, I had a habit of pushing¬†people away when life got¬†really hard. ¬†It¬†was time to let family & friends¬†in to help me through the days ahead, and by the¬†grace of God, I did. I’m so thankful for that choice because it gave me the opportunity to be vulnerable & strengthen my relationship with my mom & stepdad.

imageBefore my dad moved, he loved woodworking.  He made HUNDREDS of these little wooden rooster note holders РHUNDREDS.  For his service, I wanted to have something to remind folks of his passionate hobby that helped him maintain a sense of independence.  Along with an article written by the local paper, my daughter, mom, & stepdad all worked together to make a special memory wreath Рthe wreath consisted of eight roosters: one for each child / stepchild and one at the top.  My daughter added the dual cross in the center with one of my favorite verses, Psalm 143:8

“Let the morning bring me word of
Your unfailing love,
for I have put my trust in You.
Show me the way I should go,
for to You I lift up my soul.”





P.S. Oh yeah…I hurt my back (again) the week before my dad passed – I thought it was from catching an elderly woman from falling ūüėē