Putting God on the Front Burner

May 16, 2010

It’s a quiet Sunday morning…thinking about the day ahead…going back over the week’s devotionals, many of which I missed.  The thing that’s been brewing on the back burner…I’m not spending enough time with God…am I treating Him like so many things with an “I’ll get to it” attitude?  Ouch…what’s the saying, “the truth hurts?” Often it seems I need things put in front of me over and over and over before I pay attention.  God is so good! Watch how the devotionals played out…not in the order received, but in the order read:

·Establishing a two-way relationship with God – one key element is knowing and spending time studying God’s Word – why is it so easy to let worldly things take priority?

·Plans of tomorrow questioned if our priorities are aligned with God’s – moreover am I asking God to give me His priorities for my life or am I winging it on what I think they should be?

·Fleeting Shadow reminded me our time here on earth is like a cup of coffee (yes, God knew that would get my attention) poured into the ocean (eternity) yet I give that tiny cup ‘o joe so much focus and attention when I should be pursuing spiritual opportunities…doesn’t really make sense, does it?

·Encounters with God – He knows my weaknesses and is ready and willing to help – how long will I resist showing Him I’m serious by seeking Him with all my heart…acknowledging my helpless condition before Him?

·Changing Besetting Habits – I can only speak for myself, but I need to be held accountable – it is so easy to reason away the “what I should be doing” list.   God is extremely patient with me, but more often than not, I need a swift kick in the rear to get me moving forward. 

Interesting to say the least…then I opened an email from Pocket Full of Rocks – the email had links that didn’t translate well to my blackberry so it sat in my Inbox at home for a couple of weeks – this was the one-two punch – I never saw it coming – wasn’t prepared for the immediate impact…

The link was to their blog and the first one was entitled “Embarrassments and Humiliations” – well of course it peaked my interest.  The blog was about a conversation between Michael & his teenage daughter – having raised a teenage daughter, I understood everything he was writing.  But what I never connected on my own, Michael’s words did – I’m EXACTLY like a teenager in my relationship with God! I love to share the good stuff and yes, I’m becoming somewhat more comfortable in going to Him with the tough things – relinquishing control is a HUGE stumbling block.  What about the In-Between stuff – the shortcomings I’m not so proud of? Like Michael, I block Him out of those places – the places where I need Him most and the place He wants to be!

As I go back and look at the bold print above, I’m reminded God’s ready and willing  – He will never fail to meet me right where I am.  Just like any parent, nothing gives Him more joy than when His children come to him with EVERYTHING – He wants to be on the front burner – the one fueling our lives!