God’s Mighty Love

My goodness it’s been a busy crazy summer! So different from last year, yet equally insane.  

Last year I was feeling pretty lousy – cancer complications were problematic and I was coming off four weeks of intensive radiation, followed by a case of shingles that landed me in the hospital, all the while planning a wedding!

This year has truly been a great year cancer-wise – I’ve felt great & much more physically active. Over a period of six weeks I made multiple 6+ hr (one way) drives to visit my daughter & family tucked in between a super condensed 4-day trip to California to help pack my sister as she moves forward in her journey there. 

Somewhere in the mix, I overdid (yes, that’s a big DUH!) ….things were going so well… until they weren’t. All of a sudden I was constantly tired, sleeping more, and simple short walks weren’t so simple. A middle of the night trip to the ER revealed I had a blood clot that moved to my lungs – no bueno – especially when you have stage IV cancer. An ambulance ride, meds, days of extremely thorough doctor checks, and I was good to go….slowly!  

When I’m feeling good (aka not constantly reminded of physical limitations), I wanna be like the other kids! I wanna go for brisk walks, water aerobics, long trips, play time with my grandson….but, I’ve got to remember the pace… and be mindful what a blessing that I’m able to do those things! But maybe….just maybe, I do them in moderation so I decrease the risk of setbacks and increase the probability future fun. 

The absolute best part???? It’s so wonderful to feel well enough to spend time expressing faith through art again! Hands down, the Thrive Bible is my all-time favorite  – I love how God speaks to me through the devotions, causing me to often say to myself, “wow! I never thought about it that way!” and to continually be in awe of His Mighty Love for us


Curious About Bible Art Journaling?

Recently I’ve posted about Bible Art Journaling…if you’re interested, but haven’t quite wrapped your head around the how-tos…Rebekah Jones is a precious blogger & artist not only willing to share her journey into Bible Art Journaling, she recently interviewed other bloggers/artists getting their point of view on this hot topic.

I encourage you to visit Rebekah’s website! She has loads of info, videos, and best of all…devotionals with each tutorial!

To meet Rebekah and link to the interview, simply click on the photos below

Here’s one of Rebekah’s recent tutorials – enjoy!


Big Things – Little Things – All the In-Between Things

March 25, 2010

I wonder how many people read a daily devotional and think, “Wow! This was written just for me!” Last year as I started on my new path of spiritual growth, a friend forwarded a daily email devotional – the name caught my attention right off the bat, “TGIF – Today God Is First” pretty clever, huh? I’d love to say I read them every single day, but the truth is sometimes it seems like I’m catching up on the entire week! 
ANYWAY, there is a point coming…a couple of weeks ago my supervisor gave notice he was leaving the company.  Needless to say I was happy for him, yet disappointed to see him leave.  I found myself trying to put the puzzle pieces together…desperately wanting to know how the new picture would look.  Those thoughts quickly shifted to my position within the company, what I thought I needed to be fulfilled and successful…see a pattern?   

Thankfully, God gave me the nudge I needed through the daily devotional…as I read, my mind was still focused on workplace events and emotions were…well…let’s say…a bit elevated, when I found myself staring at a quote that stood out like a flashing neon sign! I don’t know who Dr Sam Peeples is, but he’s on to something…
“The circumstances of life, the events of life, and the people around me in life, do not make me the way I am, but reveal the way I am.” 

Well, well, well…that little quote opened a can of worms…I quickly realized I was focused (yet again!) in the wrong direction…on some level believing I needed certain things, worldy things, to be successful and stressing over fear of the unknown.  Hello????? Even as I write these words I’m amazed how easily I lose focus.   

Do I still lose focus?  Absolutely.  But ya’ wanna hear the good news?   And this is the really cool part…I’m relying on prayer…not the “this is what I’m supposed to do” kind of prayers, but real conversation prayers….my little one-on-one God sessions…every single day, several times a day…for big things, little things, and all the in-between things.  And as I draw closer to Him, I’m hopeful I’ll start revealing not just the way I am, but the way He wants me to be.