#write31days – Day 7

After visiting pages (and significant dozing in between)….

Well apparently more than dozing…I woke up this morning with my iPad in my lap and one line of text!  I don’t even recall where my thought process was going! I remember I wasn’t going to add much because I was obviously tired, but that’s about it…and some of what I wrote last night was included in the typed text from the night before….

I started this writing challenge with authenticity in mind….I suppose that includes my repetitive nature as well…or perhaps reiterating things of value – quite possibly things I haven’t recognized in myself as I discover a new norm…yeah…quite possible the “prideful, independent” commentary below is addressed to me.

The great thing about this exercise is that I as open myself, it affords God the opportunity to reveal underlying thoughts and patterns through my writing…things I most likely wouldn’t receive too well from others! For instance, I wrote about how my dad wouldn’t let people in his house…close friends…his “house” – his “safety zone” – if you were to take a poll, I wonder how many would say I do the same thing? Thankfully, God has been growing me by leaps and bounds on that front, my “safety zone” today has no resemblance to say…5 years ago….the point is, there’s always room for growth and as we face things that scare us, the safety zone can easily turn unto a “hands off” zone.

All in all, this process is exciting… Exciting to share all the wonderful things God is doing in my life and exciting to think about where He’s taking me next!


Out of Order

A couple of weeks ago, my employer began construction in our workspace. As a result, a bank of elevators which directly accessed our floor from the parking garage were no longer available. Instead, employees now use the main garage elevators.

At first I thought, “well geez, this certainly is inconvenient” – I soon discovered God’s purpose for re-routing us (me!) – I now have the opportunity to witness more frequently! Granted, the witnessing may come in the form of a smile, a “good morning!” or simply holding the door, but they are witnessing opportunities all the same.

One morning as I approached the elevator, I greeted a woman with a “Good Morning!” and a smile. Once we entered the elevator she said something along the lines of “It is so nice to see a friendly face! – Often I get on the elevator with women and they look as if they are ready to bite someone’s head off! They are angry about traffic or time or something else!”

Wow…what a timely reminder to step out of myself for a moment and engage others with the love of Christ! Continue reading