Celeta’s Journey – My Love Dare with God

A few questions have popped up – a really, really good one?  What’s the “approach”????

My suggested approach for the study:

  1. print stuff
  2. read The Love Dare
  3. watch related video
  4. read related discussion
  5. complete Think-Write-Pray

Most importantly??? …. no set rules! No set timing!  I am confident you will find your groove



Beginning January 29, 2018, the study site will open and you can begin this exciting journey!

My Love Dare with God is not a quick fix for your relationship with God…it’s a kickstart of sorts – committing 12 weeks of your hectic life to God; to openly look at your love for Him and seeking to grow in His Word.   Hopefully this study will propel you into a lifestyle of daring to love God at a new level each and every day with the excitement and anticipation of the many ways in which He will reveal Himself – His love, to you in a unique way.

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Let’s Get Ready!

Do you remember purchasing school supplies?  I love school/office supplies – special pens, nifty notepads, those little post-it tags… well, it’s just as important to be adequately equipped to start your Love Dare with God!  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Schedule your time! Everyone is different in the amount of time they will need – for me, I usually spent anywhere from 1-2 hours per day. And it’s not as if you have to do it in one chunk – you can split it up – I found it helpful to read the chapter and dare for the day early in the morning.  In the evening I would review and then journal.  Granted, some days it all fell at the end of the day and some days I was so tired I wanted to put it off – but those were usually the days when God revealed something extra special!  The point is, give it to God and give Him the best you have to give that day – don’t beat yourself up – He’s going to love you every step of the way.  It may seem obvious, but the last thing you want to do is short-change your time and Love Dare experience with God, so prepare for success:

– Look at your current schedule – what makes most sense?  Are you a morning or evening person?

– Do you currently have a time set aside for devotions or other bible studies?

– Do you currently have obligations that need to be rescheduled?

  • Have your supplies!

Holy Bible – I find it helpful to read daily verses in context and go beyond the those referenced in the original book – you’ll be amazed at the numerous examples God provides!

The original book, The Love Dare by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick; here’s a link to Amazon: The Love Dare Book

Office Supplies – Pens, extra note paper, perhaps a separate binder.  It may sound silly, but don’t limit your experience by the number of lines in the book! You might cringe at the idea, but I cut the binding to my book and put it in a binder.  Or….I like the 5×8 lined post-it notes that you can add right where the books runs out.  Or, if you prefer, purchase a separate journal to record your responses and thoughts – the point is, expect God to reveal Himself through this part of your journey and document it – you’ll be happy you did –  God will continue to reveal Himself in the retrospective view as well!

Weekly Review & Study guide – each week of the study will contain short videos discussing the various aspects of love covered that week and how I “repurposed” the dare as an extension of my relationship with God.  The video review & study guide will be posted weekly on the site – if you’re like me, you may want a hard copy to work from – I’ve included PDF files for each week as well. Even better…the printouts are in booklet form making them the same size as the book!

Find your space.  I realize finding a space to yourself at times is easier said than done, but like planning your time is important, don’t short-change the experience.  Whether it’s your lunch break, before everyone else is up, or after everyone else has gone to bed…find a place where you can truly tune-out the world and tune-in to God.  Ask Him and He will provide the time and space!

As I mentioned before, this is not a one and done exercise!  I began this part of my journey more than five years ago and I’m still growing – daily!  My prayer is that you will pour over God’s revelations again and again for deeper meaning and continued growth.  You may go through My Love Dare with God, but He wants you to live out your Love Dare with Him!

Will you consider joining this journey?  The only cost is the original book, any supplies you choose, and most importantly, your time.  The study is pretty much a work at your own pace sort of thing and the content isn’t going anywhere,  so no need to be concerned about falling behind or missing out!  My objective is to share what God placed on my heart and leave the rest to Him!

What’s it About?

In early 2011, I recognized my need to be more consistent in every facet of my relationship with God.  But I’m so easily distracted!  It was quite frustrating – I knew what I needed to do; I knew what I should do, yet I so easily diverted my attention to other things and I wasn’t sure exactly how to grow my relationship.

One day, my daily Words of Encouragement was a simple prayer,

“Lord, help me to be diligent.”

And then my pastor’s voice from a recent sermon immediately came to mind,


And then I read a cute little quip from Proverbs 31 Ministries:  “Five frogs are sitting on a log, four decide to jump off.  How many are left?  Five.  Why?  Because deciding & doing are not the same thing!”

Now isn’t that the truth!!! Sure, I decided I needed to be more consistent, but I wasn’t doing anything to bring about consistency!  It begged the question, “how do I begin digging deeper with God and take my relationship with Him to a new level?”

Duh…pray about it!  In a different context of course – actually I was praying for guidance about another relationship – what steps to take.  I awoke the next morning with two words front and center: Love Dare.  Love Dare??? Really????

Just in case you’re not familiar with the book The Love Dare by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick, here’s a synopsis:

“The Love Dare personally leads you through daily devotionals, records your thoughts and experiences, and ends each day daring you to perform a simple act of love for your spouse. This 40-Day journey equips you to melt hardened, separated hearts into an enduring love that can withstand the flames of fear, pride and temptation. The Love Dare book will help you reinforce and enrich your marriage, earn back a love you thought was lost, and hear more about the One who not only designed unconditional, sacrificial love—He illustrated it.”

The book was highlighted in the movie Fireproof (aslo by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick) I watched a couple years prior – it obviously planted a seed in me – and I’m single!

I’m a gal who loves a plan, so instead of patiently waiting for God to reveal His plan, what did I do?  Yep…off I went into “planning” mode…  Thankfully, God readjusted my overly complicated plan and took me back to basics: First and foremost, God wants a relationship with me; what better way to enhance that relationship than daring to love Him at a new level?

Please note: This study does not intend to take any credit for the incredible works of Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick, nor am I a biblical scholar – I’m just an ordinary gal learning to live for God.

For whatever reason, God directed me to The Love Dare as a tool to grow me in unexpected ways – my desire is to share the experience in a way that will fuel others to deepen their relationship with Him too.

I went through The Love Dare in 40 days – it is doable, but I’ve found with most studies it takes more time to allow principles to take root.  Instead of the original 40 days, I’ve broken the study into 12 weeks – averaging 3-4 days of the original Love Dare per week.  Discussions start with topics addressed in the book and then changing the “dare” perspective from a spouse to God.

It’s important to not get caught up with the idea to finish the study in a certain period of time – it truly is all about the journey, so work at your own pace, but be steady; be diligent; most importantly, DON’T GIVE UP!  Your hard work will reap a harvest you can’t begin to imagine as you move forward in living out your Love Dare with God.

Would you like to join the journey? Excellent!