God Speaks

New to journaling? Welcome!!!!
I just love how God speaks to us on such a personal level!! I always try to encourage folks to journal – whether you write a few words, a picture, or any combination…it can inspire and encourage either yourself or others in ways you can’t possibly fathom!
I stumbled across this note from a binder…a BIG. BLANK. BINDER…
“Where to begin??? So much space to be filled!!!


I want to follow Your lead and not get so focused on the canvas that I lose sight of Your artistry. Amen”



He is Risen!

As we prepare for Resurrection Sunday next month, I thought it might be nice to share (again?) some faith art I did a couple years ago – this piece was inspired by the amazing Stephanie Ackerman of Documented Faith. Like many other incredible artists, Stephanie uses her gifts to share God’s Word in her own unique style! I encourage you to discover all God is doing through this ministry – you can find her online at the link above, and also on FaceBook and instagram – you too will be inspired by her love for the Lord shared through art ☺️

click here for printouts! -> He_is_Risen (colored)   He_is_Risen (uncolored)


Etsy to the Rescue!

So often I read comments from Bible journalers who haven’t quite discovered their art journaling style – I’m still finding mine, but I vividly remember wanting to create something “worthy” as all the posts I saw on Pinterest or Facebook… the thing is, we all have a unique style – just like our relationship with God! And while I could talk on and on about all the pitfalls of trying to “measure up” – perhaps today is a perfect opportunity to share tools instead.

If you’re like me, you might need a launchpad to that road of discovery…. and what better way than to learn from those that have gone before us!

I’ve shared different artists in the past (Sue Carroll, Stephanie Ackerman, Lynn Shokoples, and  Nicole Plymesser Nelson) and today I stumbled upon a precious Etsy Shop run by Tammy Thompson, called For His Glory Studio

Tammy’s shop provides traceable Bible Margin Art – take a look! It’s a fabulous way to get started with little cost and GREAT potential for the aspiring artist!  Here’s a little info on Tammy:forhisglory

It’s 2016 and I’m faced with a nearly empty nest. I’ve always loved creating and have been crafty since I was a little girl. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with the perfect mix of my very favorite things — my Bible and art. I love reading God’s Word. It has helped me through some very rough times in my life. Creating and meditating on God’s promises is very relaxing for me and it helps me to always remember where my strength comes from.


Stained Art for Everyone

I really enjoy http://www.hometalk.com – they gather some of the neatest DIY ideas!  I ran across this cute tutorial a few days ago…. ways to create faux stained glass – go figure!  I haven’t tried it yet, but wanted to share before I forgot about it – if you decide to give it a go, please let me know how it turned out & be sure to share a photo!

Click on the image below to open the tutorial 🙂



DIY Faith Planner

Heather Greenwood

Heather Greenwood – Faith Planner

In my Pinterest explorations on Bible Art Journaling, I stumbled across a post by Heather Greenwood sharing her thoughts on a Faith Planner…. BRILLIANT!!!!!  Click on the photo (right) to link to her website for details.  Heather has an Etsy shop too with all sorts of faith planning goodies!

Off to Amazon I went…searching for planners…then officedepot.com, franklin covey.com, and every other dot com I could think of… personal planners were a bit small for me – hey, I write big….I need room

Here’s what I came up with:

My Custom Faith Planner

My Custom Faith Planner

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Supply List:

  • 5.5×8.5 3-ring binder
  • 5.5×8 notebook filler paper
  • 12×12 sheets scrapbook paper (4 sheets)
  • Post-It Pockets
  • glue
  • stickers, journaling cards, stamps, decorative goodies

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I couldn’t find dividers I liked, so I winged it and made some!

To create the front of the divider, cut a piece of scrapbook paper 6×8.5; if you want pockets, cut another piece 6x~4 (tall enough to catch the middle binder clasp)

To create the divider tabs, I folded a paper scrap eye-balled to the size I like – make sure it’s long enough the secure to the divider.  In retrospect I glued mine out a bit too much and they stick out when the binder is closed.  To avoid this mistake, dry fit the tab with the binder closed and pencil mark for placement.

Once the tabs are glued in place, create the “pocket” by running a small bead of glue along the bottom and outer edge of the pocket and attach to the backside of the divider

Using a sheet of filler paper as a guide, punch holes in dividers.


At first I considered stamping the filler paper headings and changed my mind REALLY fast! My quick solution was to create a Word document with text boxes at the top of each page (1 page per section) – the beauty of this approach is that you can easily customize the wording, font and size! When printing, choose custom paper (5×7), load printer with filler paper.  Be sure to print a test page to ensure it has the look you want and paper is loaded correctly. When you’re satisfied, choose number of copies you want and you’re set!


The first binder I made was a birthday gift, so I loaded it up with stickers and journaling cards.  I also included some shipping labels I customized with distress inks.  Click below for the slideshow – enjoy!

If you decide (or already have one) to make a Faith Planner, I’d love to hear about them!


Curious About Bible Art Journaling?

Recently I’ve posted about Bible Art Journaling…if you’re interested, but haven’t quite wrapped your head around the how-tos…Rebekah Jones is a precious blogger & artist not only willing to share her journey into Bible Art Journaling, she recently interviewed other bloggers/artists getting their point of view on this hot topic.

I encourage you to visit Rebekah’s website! She has loads of info, videos, and best of all…devotionals with each tutorial!

To meet Rebekah and link to the interview, simply click on the photos below

Here’s one of Rebekah’s recent tutorials – enjoy!


Bible Art Journaling – What’s Your Agenda???

It came!  After what seemed like months (actually just a couple of weeks), my journaling Bible arrived!  I must admit…the first night I looked through my new Bible, thinking about which book… which verse… would be the first in my art journaling adventure….those initial feelings…those feelings of making my Bible “ugly” and held me back months ago, came flooding in again….and so I gently laid it on the nightstand for another day.

The next morning I woke with determination to push past unrealistic expectations and just do it…start the art journaling process! After all, I was prepared…I was confident my artwork would be fine – after all, I watched tons of videos, practiced on little projects for months, and while far from talented I felt acceptable.  And so I started…

Michaelangelo? Far from it!!!! Actually, it was kinda close to a mess…kinda like me!


  • pencil marks (curvy lines) wouldn’t erase, but smeared instead…
  • the ink pen I purchased specifically for journaling bled through; and
  • the distress stain recommended for its translucency was pretty awful bleeding through A LOT ….

so much for that confidence…



And then a thought hit me last night…what exactly was my motivation in journaling???? Was it to dig deeper into God’s Word? OR… was it to show off?? How much did pride factor into starting this endeavor?????

Although I’m certain digging deeper was a component, my reaction to results revealed something else… in some way could I have been seeking approval or confirmation???  Obviously, there’s still a part of me trying to be good enough for God.  I’m so thankful He uses the simplest things to show me where pieces of my heart lie…

In retrospect, the verse I landed on (Luke 6:45) now speaks volumes…

A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart…

Earlier this week I was sharing how great it is that God is using Bible journaling as a tool to grow us.  As for my growth and confidence level??? I was reminded where my confidence belongs…in God – not myself! What a wonderful lesson – all from a simple exercise.  My acceptance has nothing to do with art – God cares about my heart.