Cancer Confidence

That word…you know, the one you never expect to hear…the one you never want to hear? Cancer.  It’s ugly.  It’s scary.  The mind is immediately tempted to fast forward to worse-case scenarios.  Well guess what? There are TONS of words (diagnoses) most folks never expect or want to hear.  And honestly, to me…stage IV (medical code for treatable not curable) cancer is like any other disease without a known cure: Diabetes, Crohn’s disease, MS, ALS, Asthma…just to name a few.  The difference? Prognosis? Perhaps.

One thing I quickly realized? An overwhelming awareness of the many unknowns in life is what tends to get us off kilter.  And for me, that’s where faith dictates which path I take…will I be confident like the prophet Daniel and cling to God? Or will I make feeble attempts to manage life’s messiness on my own?  Truthfully, I pray to be like Daniel, and yet often my lack of patience and experience tempts me to try and understand the whole puzzle picture even though I’m missing most of the pieces.

Here’s the thing…there are three possible scenarios to EVERY trial:

  • God will deliver me from the fire,
  • God will deliver me thru the fire, or
  • God will deliver me by the fire into His loving arms

The point is, I know and believe God WILL deliver me – my victory is assured and that’s the root of cancer confidence.

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2 thoughts on “Cancer Confidence

  1. You are such a wonderful person, you give me the strength to look at God every day for all the faith we all need. I pray that some day I will have your courage. Love you

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