My AdvoCare Journey

Stay tuned…

As you might expect, my AdvoCare journey is pretty much at a standstill from a business perspective…but it isn’t over by any stretch of the imagination!  I still firmly believe God will provide the perfect financial opportunity with AdvoCare – it’s on His timing though… the need for work flexibility is truer today than ever before, but I’m gaining perseverance as I wait patiently for Him to give the signal.

The process of stepping out behind the mask can create a bit of anxiety…if you’re looking to yourself as the project manager!

Last Fall my daughter was introduced to AdvoCare nutritional products – to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t remotely interested.  On the other hand, she was beyond excited.  I immediately fell into “skeptical mom mode” – I didn’t know anything about the products, but without research, I quickly bucketed the product and business opportunity into “if it seems to good to be true…” category.

In addition to discernment, I prayed for an open heart and mind.  God answered so quickly! I confessed my skepticism to a close friend and she said, “Oh! They’re have great products!  My son has used their products for over three years” Voila…confirmation….and my daughter’s first retail client!

At the time, life was on chaos overload.  An already stressful job became more stressful with new management, a new group, and a new system implementation.  I’d also volunteered to serve at an upcoming Women’s Emmaus Walk in mid-October.  In the accounting world, the first two weeks following the end of a quarter are particularly taxing, including incredibly short deadlines.

It wasn’t too difficult to recognize serving 70+ women might be a bit challenging if I was exhausted!  What to do? Fine.  I’ll try that AdvoCare Challenge thing – but it has to be SIMPLE!

Simple was  an understatement – I quickly came to  see what the fuss was all about.  By the second week and in spite of long days at the office, I was feeling more energetic than I had in years!  I completed the 24-day challenge with ease – I had no idea how much better I could feel…with just core products I lost 14lbs and served women on the Emmaus Walk with energy-filled enthusiasm!

The AdvoCare Journey doesn’t end there – actually it’s just getting started…stay tuned to see how mightily God is working in my life.  My focus is on Him – and let me tell ya’ – He’s the perfect project manager!


Interested in AdvoCare products?  I’d love the opportunity to share the many ways AdvoCare can enrich your life!

You can contact me directly when you visit my Independent Distributor site at (click on Contact Distributor)




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