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I’m incredibly blessed…with family and friends! I have one daughter – Michelle – truly an inspiration.  She embraces life and loves to document time with family and friends.  She’s a recent SFA grad with a degree in Interior Design.  I put her skills and patience to the test over the past year as we’ve updated my modest 30yr old home.

Let’s see…immediate family…I’ve got a mom, dad, stepdad, ex-mother-in-law (truly one of my best friends!), two sisters, one brother, two sister-in-laws, three brother-in-laws, eleven nieces and nephews (and their respective spouses!), eight great-nieces and nephews…my cup runneth over!!!!  Here are a few family pics


Lucille PurchaseIn some form or fashion, I have been searching for my own getaway spot for several years.  I’ve frequented quite a few places hosted by others and thoroughly enjoyed them…hidden in the background of my heart was a desire to have one of my own.

I will say the idea of an RV wasn’t in view until early 2011, but since I still had a child in college the idea DID NOT sound realistic.   I tucked it away with many other dreams.  NOTE TO READERS: if you have a habit of shelving dreams, DON’T!  Trust them to God – He’ll handle it – we just need to exercise a little patience!  Lucille has been a journey in and of itself – for more on the Lucille adventures, click HERE to read all about her!  And yes, I also have a Pinterest Board loaded with RV Decorating Ideas


5d96c079aefbb016bf0835df5ae26bfdIf you were to ask ANYONE who knows me about my favorite food, without question, the unanimous response would be C-O-F-F-E-E!!!!  I can usually be found anytime and anywhere with a cup close at hand.  With the patient help of my incredibly creative daughter, I even have a coffee bar in my home – yes, inspired by something I found on Pinterest!  It may sound silly to have a passion for something like coffee, but indeed I do.  In case you’re wondering…yep…PINTEREST…LOVE THE BREW!coffee bar


I suppose I’m a country gal at heart…there’s just something about nature that draws me in…whether it’s a local park, a forest of trees on a winding road, or literally the middle of nowhere, I’m “home” – not exactly a photographer, from time to time I am fortunate to capture nature moments!

One of my all-time favorite things to do is to find little getaways off the beaten path – check out my Pinterest board here for some really cool Texas spots to recharge!

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9 to 5

Once upon a time my 9 to 5 was consumed by “career” choices…Today? Not so much.  When my daughter was around 10 or so, she embroidered a simple prayer something along the lines of : “Lord, please help me not work so hard making a living that I forget to make a life” – ouch!  It was true though – as a single parent I was focused more on making a living than  embracing life.

In April of 2014, I left the corporate world – it was time to truly put family before job – that picture equated to me leaving a long-term management role.  It was a time of immense prayer – seeking God’s guidance to do something that many would view as a bit bonkers.  A year later, I’m still thankful and confident it was the right call.  Currently I’m unable to work a typical 9 to 5 due to health challenges, but I choose to keep trusting God to provide – whatever that picture looks like!

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  1. Celeta, is there a way to make a donation to your work? I would have reached out to you via email or a contact page, but I couldn’t find such things here? Matthew

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