My Journey


I’m just a gal learning how to lean on God and willing to share His revelations in my life – definitely a work in progress!

Years ago, before I even recognized this leg of my journey, I scribbled a few words God placed on my heart:

“Don’t just look with your eyes, but choose to see with your spirit. The tangibles are fine, but it’s the intangibles that can catch your breath and take you to a place so completely unexpected.”

Oh how He catches my breath! For me, a significant part of seeing is to put my faith into action through writing about and sharing my growth experiences…what started as an exercise to document spiritual growth, quickly became much, much more…my consistency in writing still leaves a great deal to be desired, but that doesn’t mean God isn’t steadily growing me…He is…each and every day…into a beautifully woven tapestry that is the me he designed me to be…


Want to see what Day to Day life looks like for me? Click HERE

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4 thoughts on “My Journey

    • You are incredibly kind! It’s taken me a bit to start writing about the cancer…can you say denial? Anyway, thanks for the nomination AND inspiration to keep digging deeper and reaching further!

  1. Thank you for sharing your testimony!

    I hope this finds you doing well.

    I see you have been a follower of “A Way With Words.” Great! Thank you.

    We have now transformed into, “Delight in Disorder: Faith & Mental Illness” ( I hope you will join us there. On the left sidebar, there is a box (below “Get More Delight”) for subscriptions so you can get the most of our mission.

    Take care & God bless,

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