Happy Saturday!

Each Saturday afternoon, a group of Bible Journaling gals get together via zoom for fellowship and journaling…. more often than not, I forget or not feeling quite up to snuff…. the thing is though, joining in provides such nourishment for this at times weary soul, regardless if I’m actively creating or just enjoying the virtual company🥰

As you all may know by now, one of my greatest joys is sharing FaithArt with others – and today is no exception. As I was scrolling thru the multitudes of FB posts, I saw an advertisement (one of many!) for a daily scripture prompt and prayer – nothing revolutionary, simply a reminder of the power writing the Word and giving it time to percolate through my mind and spirit.

So for today, I created a one-page sheet to share! click here ➡️ to download a free PDF as well as a zip file of the individual images.

Please feel free to share with others!

3 thoughts on “Happy Saturday!

  1. Thank you so much Celeta for sharing this! I’ve just downloaded and recognize that beautiful digital journal from Praise & Pray. To couple that with your lovely artwork …. well, I’ve just got to get started with that! Do you know if the group you join with is accepting any new members to join that Zoom group?

    • Hello Deb! Apologies for my delayed response – the answer is yes! yes! yes! Lynn Behnke created the Zoom group and it’s so much fun – she even hosts Zoom meetings once or twice a week 🙌🏻🙌🏻 – I’ll try to send you an invite. Blessings friend!

    • I’m having trouble finding you on Facebook- I thought we were already friends, but apparently not? Anyway, if can you send me a msg and/or friend request I’ll take it from there!

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