My Love Dare with God study – the details


Still not sure what this study is all about and who it’s for?????

Hopefully, this post will answer those questions!

  • the study is for anyone who wants to dig deeper in their relationship with God – whether you’re a seasoned or new believer; God will meet you where you are today
  • we’re using the book -> The Love Dare (click on the name of the book to read about the authors) – BUT we’re using it in an unconventional way!
  • you DO NOT need to be married; this study is all about your relationship with God
  • the study will take each “dare” and commentary from the book,  then challenge you to look at how it applies to your relationship with God
  • IMPORTANT!!!  Follow my blog (link to the right), to get the weekly study delivered to your inbox!
  • your cost:
    • the book – The Love Dare (link to the right or your local bookstore)
    • your time
    • an open heart to look at your relationship with God in perhaps a new way
  • the study will provide (at no cost!):
    • discussions for each dare
    • a weekly handout with questions for the dares discussed

For more information, click HERE to read Getting Started

If you have more questions, please leave me a note & I’ll do my best to explain


2 thoughts on “My Love Dare with God study – the details

  1. Hi Celesta, Hope you are feeling well. Still trying to get the book. Ugh…:( working on it. Cant wait!!! Blessings, Terri

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