2018 “One Word” – What’s Yours???

Last week I shared my “one word” for 2018….and it just dawned on me, as I was looking at the visual, that I didn’t bother to ask yours!

As you may know, sharing faith art is something I really enjoy – so here you go…. one to personalize for YOUR one word 🤗 – and if you prefer, just add a comment below & I’ll be happy to personalize just for you!

I’ve saved mine as the home screen on my phone… and iPad…and laptop… get the idea☺️




5 thoughts on “2018 “One Word” – What’s Yours???

  1. I’m trying to think what my one word would be. I think excel is it. Or maybe relax. Not sure which one b/c they are so opposite. Cant make up my mind b/c they are both so important to me. Anyway, I can’t wait to do the Bibke study. I need to come by but Idk your apt #? Hope to come by soon. See you soon. 🙂

  2. Resolution Is my word. Finding RESOLUTION in my life with conflicts and personal struggles. I need this RESOLVE to be my true happy self God intended me to be.

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