It’s a “dang…not so fast” kinda day

My one word this year is FOCUS! Something I often need desperately… my mind has a tendency to flit from one thing to the next… and most often, I totally forget the thing I started out doing…. sound familiar?

This morning was no exception… often the week post-injections is kinda iffy; the medication designed to help strengthen my bones increases bone pain, and the meds focused on starving cancer cells leaves me feeling achy and just plain yucky… it’s like a see-saw – one day I think, “woohoo! I’m over the hump!” and the next day is “dang…not so fast…”  Today is a “dang…not so fast” kinda day… unfortunate, because I REALLY wanted to go to church, but knowing if I push myself, then my body rebels in a not so nice way… so here I am… in bed… fighting away resentment…

Oh yeah… back to the focus (or lack thereof!)… my NUMBER ONE task – objective – goal…call it what you will… is to ensure the bible study is ready to start at the end of this month… and I am overwhelmed at times with the “what were you thinking????” thoughts.  So what do I do? ANYTHING but focus on the task at hand!

bible tabs.jpgExample?  Well, other than writing this post?  Oh…the thing that prompted to me write this post??? Bible tabs.  Yeah…innocent enough, right?  I bought a new interleaved Bible for art journaling this year and it needed tabs… as in yesterday…. never mind I’m not ready to start working in the new Bible… it was tab-less…  sure, I could buy tabs… but no, I must make them… with cute paper and my tab punch and handwrite each of the sixty-six books… which led me down another rabbit hole… I have sooooooo much to learn!!!!

A seemingly simple task churned up more insecurities…. I know so little about God’s Word!!! My thoughts immediately jumped to planning out a better reading plan…and maybe I need to do a certain study….. and….. and…. and….

And I started writing a post, which has brought me to this:  FOCUS!!!  But I can’t truly focus on the job God assigned to me until I surrender everything else to HIM…. yeah… that thing – surrender…. you see God most often speaks to and through me with writing…. I rarely know where I’m going until finally He says…”see????” and my heart smiles wider than the Grand Canyon!

What is God trying to tell you today????  You aren’t where you are at this very moment by accident… just like for me, today started as a “dang…not so fast” day and it wasn’t so much about what I didn’t get to do, but definitely about what He needed to teach me.  He’s got a plan for every.single.minute. and it’s incredible!


8 thoughts on “It’s a “dang…not so fast” kinda day

  1. My word this year is ME. Making ME better with His word. And funny that you are working on bible tabs because that is what I am doing. I am not as talented as you because I bought mine on Lot95 Designs. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Linda

  2. I loved this. A reminder that its not what we want to do but what He has for us for that day. My husband used to say “one day at a time” Terri. My tendency is to look at the long term & then I get overwhelmed. I need this reminder that its focus for today, a NB d leave it in Hia hands what that’s going to look like. If I could but do that all the insecurity would vanish b/c it would be as sure as He is! I just gotta believe and trust!
    Thanks so much for sharing this slice of life. It shows our humaness.
    Prayin’ for strength for you in this battle you are in day to say.
    In His Love,
    Terri ❤😇🙏

    • Your husband was a wise man indeed! I have been diligently reminding myself to use the “Just for Today” approach JR shared from Dear Abby ☺️

      Blessings my friend!

  3. My one word this year is resolve.
    It was my word last year also.
    I asked God for a new one this year and I believe I heard Him giggle…
    Something about me not Focusing on what
    He wanted to teach me about RESOLVE last year…
    So, here I go. One more time around the mulberry bush.
    May your word always bring you right to the point God wants you to see and
    May God bless you abundantly as He stretches you with this Bible Study!

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