Hello 2017!

Obviously, consistency in posting is something I still struggle with! 
So much has happened in the past year…my daughter got engaged in January, married in October, AND moved 8 hours away in November ! For the first few weeks my mind sort of thought, “oh, it’s just like she’s in college” – of course that kind of denial can only last so long. To help this mama’s heart,  it was such a blessing that she was in town for a short visit, and then I was able to travel & spend Christmas with her & her new husband. 

Since she decided to move & family is almost an hour away, I proceeded to prepare my house for sale! Originally, I was thinking mid-Spring, but God opened undeniable doors! I am moving next week & will put the house on the market by the end of the month…zoom zoom!

And here I am, only 48 hours from moving! With boxes galore & empty cabinets, the house feels quite “transitional” – I’ve held out a stash of art journaling supplies, but those too will be packed away later today.

A week or so ago, I was at that monkey bar torn place… letting go of one thing to grasp what God has in store next… and yet God is so faithful to close the gap as we reach out to Him!

And as this new season begins, I’m very excited to stay connected with my daughter in a unique way – as we grow & share our faith, we will do it together through a new Etsy venture! In addition to sharing faith art, my daughter will be custom designing printable paper items (invitations, party paper goods, etc)….we’re still in the prayer stage, but stay tuned!