#write31days – Day 18

imageTonite I wrote a bit about the Walk to Emmaus – I can’t say enough great things about this experience! It is for EVERY believer, regardless of  where you are in your faith journey. If you’d like to read more about the Emmaus Community and retreats in your area, click here

…whoops! I did it this time…fell sound asleep last night!

Isn’t it interesting how our focus and perspective can be so narrow nothing gets in or so broad everything gets in and it all becomes a blur?  How do we find the right balance?  It’s delicate to say the least, but one thing I’ve discovered to be true time and again is that when I’m truly focused on God, as difficult as life may be, the pieces fall together.  The catch is becoming truly focused.  Far too often I find myself, well…for lack of a better description, trying to supervise God.  Dang…that never sounded as rough in my head, but typing those words? Ouch.  It’s true though…even if my intentions are good it’s far too easy to push Him out of the driver’s seat…what I call the 2yr old “I can do it myself” approach. And that’s exactly what you will see in the upcoming posts…when craziness collides…



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