#write31days – Day 16

imageHere I am…droopy eyed as usual….this is infusion week so often the fatigue is a bit more amplified than usual.  If I keep moving (fingers & thoughts!) I’ll be just fine.  I’m sure it would make a whole lot more sense to simply write earlier, but there’s something about the end of day for me that just works.

Today instead of writing about painful/challenging memories, I decided to write about those memories that are more sweet than bitter.  These stories aren’t meant to mock my dad’s mental state – quite the contrary… you’ve heard the saying “you’ve got to laugh to keep from crying” – well, there’s a lot of truth to that statement! And honestly, when I recall my dad’s last year, I’d much rather think of his innocent mischief than agitated outbursts he couldn’t possibly control.

One more thing… this afternoon I was thinking about all the home caregivers out there – the individuals that for a good part, have put their personal lives on the back burner to care for someone in need.  A significant sacrifice, that most days doesn’t  feel like a sacrifice at all.  But don’t kid yourself, everyone….I mean every single one needs help – they need a break – they MUST take time to refuel.  If they don’t? EVERYONE loses in the long run.  This was a lesson I didn’t want to learn – not because I didn’t need a break – because I feared falling apart so completely nothing of me would be left to move forward.  That’s where God really steps in…and that’s where I’ll pick up tomorrow.





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