#write31days – Day 15

imageHere we are at the half way mark for October and I’m halfway through 2013… I’m still not sure why I went the more detailed route…maybe I just needed to work through the nitty-grittiness of it all?  Thankfully, my crash course in the elderly care was slowing down and the surprises didn’t necessarily throw me for a loop each time.  This was a really good thing because my job was beginning to get crazier than usual…I had a new boss that was totally different than any boss I’d  ever had in my 30+ work career…and that wasn’t what I’d call a good thing 😕. I also inherited a new group – the group was small, and when the supervisor resigned the company elected not to fill the vacancy and have the remaining staff report to me. What I didn’t realize is that this was the beginning of a time where my relationship with God would go to a completely new place.

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