#write31days – Day 8

Let’s see if I can get this posted without falling asleep first! 

I’m trying not to spend too much time reading back over previous posts…I glimpse just long enough to see where I left off the day before…otherwise, my mind would gallop into edit/analysis mode and defeat the purpose of simply writing as a recollection of events. Of course, when God ah-ha moments jump out at me, I try to point them out with proper glory credit to God!

In so many ways, I still often feel like my relationship with God is still at the infancy stage, so when I have one of those standout moments with Him, I try to dig a bit deeper than normal.  The hours leading to meeting with my dad at his house, and then during our conversation about why the doctor didn’t believe he was safe to stay at home by himself…that precise moment when God pressed on my heart the one word… GO…and I immediately knew that’s exactly what had to happen…no mental debate as to whether that’s really what should happen… I’d asked God to make a way, and indeed he did!


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