DIY Faith Planner

Heather Greenwood

Heather Greenwood – Faith Planner

In my Pinterest explorations on Bible Art Journaling, I stumbled across a post by Heather Greenwood sharing her thoughts on a Faith Planner…. BRILLIANT!!!!!  Click on the photo (right) to link to her website for details.  Heather has an Etsy shop too with all sorts of faith planning goodies!

Off to Amazon I went…searching for planners…then, franklin, and every other dot com I could think of… personal planners were a bit small for me – hey, I write big….I need room

Here’s what I came up with:

My Custom Faith Planner

My Custom Faith Planner

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Supply List:

  • 5.5×8.5 3-ring binder
  • 5.5×8 notebook filler paper
  • 12×12 sheets scrapbook paper (4 sheets)
  • Post-It Pockets
  • glue
  • stickers, journaling cards, stamps, decorative goodies

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I couldn’t find dividers I liked, so I winged it and made some!

To create the front of the divider, cut a piece of scrapbook paper 6×8.5; if you want pockets, cut another piece 6x~4 (tall enough to catch the middle binder clasp)

To create the divider tabs, I folded a paper scrap eye-balled to the size I like – make sure it’s long enough the secure to the divider.  In retrospect I glued mine out a bit too much and they stick out when the binder is closed.  To avoid this mistake, dry fit the tab with the binder closed and pencil mark for placement.

Once the tabs are glued in place, create the “pocket” by running a small bead of glue along the bottom and outer edge of the pocket and attach to the backside of the divider

Using a sheet of filler paper as a guide, punch holes in dividers.


At first I considered stamping the filler paper headings and changed my mind REALLY fast! My quick solution was to create a Word document with text boxes at the top of each page (1 page per section) – the beauty of this approach is that you can easily customize the wording, font and size! When printing, choose custom paper (5×7), load printer with filler paper.  Be sure to print a test page to ensure it has the look you want and paper is loaded correctly. When you’re satisfied, choose number of copies you want and you’re set!


The first binder I made was a birthday gift, so I loaded it up with stickers and journaling cards.  I also included some shipping labels I customized with distress inks.  Click below for the slideshow – enjoy!

If you decide (or already have one) to make a Faith Planner, I’d love to hear about them!


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