So often when I visualize the impact of witnessing, I see shattered glass. I find myself mesmerized by the beauty and intricacy of the design….how one act can have such a far-reaching impact.


Picture with me:

  • Zoom in – our perfect model is Christ’s sacrifice for our sins…His crucifixion, burial and resurrection is at the center; you can literally see the impact of those closest to Him!
  • Zoom out – not only can you can see impact from the initial act of sacrifice, look at how every one and every thing is connected…even the furthest shard (person) is connected to another shard (person) and yet still connected to the center (Christ)! I envision the bursts as willing vessels allowing God to work thru them to reach others…can you just imagine Paul?????

Now…picture your life….what kind of glass does it represent? Regular run of the mill glass that shatters with minimal pressure or heavy duty safety glass?  With Christ, we have security.  Although broken, we are held steady at the center…the Holy Spirit in us…with the ability to work thru us to reach others. The thing is, for God to work thru us, we have to act! Does it have to be some grand gesture? Absolutely not.  Every little act of faith exercised has a far reaching impact when used by the Holy Spirit.

What holds you back from exercising faith?  We all have struggles of one sort or another.  Me? I’ve often struggled with validation – acceptance – whatever you want to call it….doubt creeps in….ususally when I’m trying really hard to carry out God’s call on my life to share a journey of faith through writing.  My head knows Truth, but pieces of my heart faulter and stumble.  In retrospect it’s also clear to see that’s when I’m relying on my own strength – see how easily the glass can shatter without Christ as the center?! Thankfully God is so merciful to provide encouragement when confidence wanes by sharing a glimpse of how authentic obedience can impact another life.  The thing is, we rarely get to see how God uses our acts of obedience.  What to do? Choose to rest in His Word for guidance, assurance and affirmation

5 I wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. 6 He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will not be shaken. 7 My salvation and my honor come from God alone.  – Psalm 62:5-7

What about God’s call on your life? The big and small – how do you choose to respond?


DIY Faith Planner

Heather Greenwood

Heather Greenwood – Faith Planner

In my Pinterest explorations on Bible Art Journaling, I stumbled across a post by Heather Greenwood sharing her thoughts on a Faith Planner…. BRILLIANT!!!!!  Click on the photo (right) to link to her website for details.  Heather has an Etsy shop too with all sorts of faith planning goodies!

Off to Amazon I went…searching for planners…then, franklin, and every other dot com I could think of… personal planners were a bit small for me – hey, I write big….I need room

Here’s what I came up with:

My Custom Faith Planner

My Custom Faith Planner

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Supply List:

  • 5.5×8.5 3-ring binder
  • 5.5×8 notebook filler paper
  • 12×12 sheets scrapbook paper (4 sheets)
  • Post-It Pockets
  • glue
  • stickers, journaling cards, stamps, decorative goodies

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I couldn’t find dividers I liked, so I winged it and made some!

To create the front of the divider, cut a piece of scrapbook paper 6×8.5; if you want pockets, cut another piece 6x~4 (tall enough to catch the middle binder clasp)

To create the divider tabs, I folded a paper scrap eye-balled to the size I like – make sure it’s long enough the secure to the divider.  In retrospect I glued mine out a bit too much and they stick out when the binder is closed.  To avoid this mistake, dry fit the tab with the binder closed and pencil mark for placement.

Once the tabs are glued in place, create the “pocket” by running a small bead of glue along the bottom and outer edge of the pocket and attach to the backside of the divider

Using a sheet of filler paper as a guide, punch holes in dividers.


At first I considered stamping the filler paper headings and changed my mind REALLY fast! My quick solution was to create a Word document with text boxes at the top of each page (1 page per section) – the beauty of this approach is that you can easily customize the wording, font and size! When printing, choose custom paper (5×7), load printer with filler paper.  Be sure to print a test page to ensure it has the look you want and paper is loaded correctly. When you’re satisfied, choose number of copies you want and you’re set!


The first binder I made was a birthday gift, so I loaded it up with stickers and journaling cards.  I also included some shipping labels I customized with distress inks.  Click below for the slideshow – enjoy!

If you decide (or already have one) to make a Faith Planner, I’d love to hear about them!


God’s Growing Me….and my HAIR!!!!

I’ve been meaning to post pics of my hair and just haven’t gotten around to it…as if I’m SO busy! Luckily, I was diligent to take snapshots over the past few months to show progress.

roseanne copyFor those that don’t know me, my hair is naturally curly…very curly and I have spent the better part of adulthood trying to change it…rarely will you find a photo of me w/my hair natural.  The best way to describe the natural state of my hair is from the original SNL cast Gilda Radner’s “Roseanne Roseannadanna” – as we say in the South, “Bless Her Heart!”

With the help of numerous styling products & tools, I could pretend my hair was straight…pretend…in no way shape or form is my hair remotely straight.  But that’s the way it goes, isn’t it? We all seem to want the exact opposite of what we’ve been given – why is that, I wonder???

When I started chemo I thought, “well maybe my hair won’t fall out” – HA!!! I wasn’t two weeks in before the clumps of hair began falling, and quite frankly, it was kinda creepy to me – I was eager to have it cut and promptly ordered a precious Raquel Welch wig from (they are SO nice and local!) – with all the yuck of chemo going on, I loved my hair! It was straight and spunky and all I had to do was put it on – a huge perk since I didn’t have the strength to fix it anyway:)

My family and friends would joke wondering…will it come back curly?  As curly? Not quite as curly? AND the super big question, “what’s my real hair color?”  Yes, my hair’s still curly as ever (you’ll just have to take my word for it!) with plenty of gray!  As the Texas heat and humidity is upon us, I’ve since set the wig aside and opting to go au natural  – funny how God eventually gets us back to basics – even with hair!

Before I worked up the courage to go without the wig, I sort of used it as a crutch and rationalized that wearing the wig gave me the opportunity to witness to others – when women would comment on my cute hair, I’d say, “Thanks! It’s a wig – a huge perk of chemo is that I don’t have to fix my hair!” and then proceed to witness about God’s faithfulness – especially during storms.  Well, let me tell ya folks, you don’t need a wig to witness – shocker, I know – funny how I failed to see that without the wig, others could see the real me and see God working through me by my actions and attitude without ever saying a word 🙂

God gives us opportunities to witness regardless of how we look or where we are in our journey of faith – all we have to do is be a willing vessel – with or without hair…


Curious About Bible Art Journaling?

Recently I’ve posted about Bible Art Journaling…if you’re interested, but haven’t quite wrapped your head around the how-tos…Rebekah Jones is a precious blogger & artist not only willing to share her journey into Bible Art Journaling, she recently interviewed other bloggers/artists getting their point of view on this hot topic.

I encourage you to visit Rebekah’s website! She has loads of info, videos, and best of all…devotionals with each tutorial!

To meet Rebekah and link to the interview, simply click on the photos below

Here’s one of Rebekah’s recent tutorials – enjoy!