Best Valentine EVER!!!!

Talk about perspective! I’ve enjoyed many Feb 14ths in my day…but they’ve usually been focused on the commercialism of this day…and always missing the mark.  The thing is… God’s love is PERFECT love – God IS love! So today, whether you’re single, dating, married…whatever…you are loved more than you can imagine!

Celebrate God’s perfect love for you today and every day!



Testing of Faith

For weeks I’ve known it was time to share personal news beyond family and still putting it off! Thank You Chrystal Evans Hurst & P31 for sharing words on my heart! Click here to read Chrystal’s devotional.

October 15, 2014 might be seen as one of those “terrible-no-good-very-bad” days….as the doctor’s words floated across the hospital room…”aggressive stage 4 breast cancer….” and my response? “Well, darn”

Yep…tough news is…well…tough! The great thing? God is in control and I am surrounded by loved ones & covered in prayer literally across the country!

 The thing is…we never know what tomorrow holds and we each have a choice…I choose to believe God holds me in the palm of His Mighty Hand and find tremendous comfort in knowing on days when this body aches, He is my faithful healer and providing a way!

From my last post, it’s obvious there’s a lot of backfilling to the story…bear with me as I attempt to share where God has me today, as well as all the lessons learned in 2014.


Challenges Ahead? Understatement!

Challenges AheadDang…300 days since my last post? I find myself thinking back to the cute little clip art image in my last post with the caption…“Warning – Challenges Ahead” – boy howdy!

The words I typed only prove I am not the writer of this story called Celeta’s Journey – I’m merely a scribe doing my best to translate God’s whispers to my heart.

The challenges of 2014 were an understatement, that’s for certain!  Over time, I’ll backfill with lessons learned with evidence of God’s Hand and perfect timing, but here are the highlights…

Now What???

  • April – still decompressing from leaving corporate america I was so excited at the prospect of moving Lucille (my camper) to the country…a day filling dirt in the country was exciting and full of hope only to seemingly injure my back…lots of discomfort…after an ER visit doctors presumed more physical health related than anything else…Lucille’s new home gets put on hold once again
  • May – started by accepting news my dad was in end stage dementia with Hospice care starting, and preparing for my mom & stepdad to visit from California.  Day two of their visit, I seemed to make my back angry again…to the point I was back in the ER unable to walk without excruciating pain…presumed disc issue; referred to primary physician without clear resolution.
  • June – starting the month celebrating my niece’s wedding was wonderful in many ways – including family reconciliation – God is GOOD! My dad’s health rapidly declined – by the end of the month he took a devastating fall and passed the following week.  During that week, I hurt my back AGAIN catching a sweet elderly woman from falling…back to ER…diagnosed as chest wall sprain.
  • July – with June’s events my parents postponed their return trip until late July, which gave them more time to consider viable options for them to return to Texas permanently.  Two days before their departure, my sweet, sweet 87 yr old stepdad became ill – turned out he had a ruptured appendix.  Praise God! He sailed thru laparoscopic surgery and was back to my house in a week.
  • August – with July’s events, my parents elected to stay in Houston permanently. My oldest sister and I flew to California and combined a packing frenzy with much needed sister time.  With all the events of the summer, my daughter & a long term friend convinced me to take a cruise for a real getaway.  Before we ever got on the boat, I did something again that triggered some pretty intense back pain – thankfully, I had Advil and forged thru determined to have a great time.
  • September – started pretty quiet – still waiting on apartment availability for my parents – yes, you’re counting correctly – we’re on month 4 of displaced parents 🙂  The “push through” attitude with back pain took it’s toll and  I found myself back at the local ER.  After a couple of CT scans, doc came in…this and that were fine, but some abnormalities were cause for concern – and finished off with the words “we need to rule out cancer” – Seriously????? Am I being punked????
  • October – biopsy? check.  Family getaway? check.  Parental housing? check-check.  ER? Hey. what’s a month without an ER visit? This time I knew I’d better see the big boys in the Med Center.

The next morning, life as I knew it took a significant turn… stay tuned and follow the journey – daily I’m in awe of God’s goodness to hold me close in the midst of what my tiny perspective often sees as chaos!