Intimate Details

In the accounting world, the month following a calendar quarter is pretty busy…lots of numbers to crunch, reports to file….all sorts of bean counter “stuff”…

As I was knee deep in the hustle and bustle of things, one morning Doug asked about some of my activities; without hesitation I launched into a dissertation on the nuances of analyses, complexities of variables, and target audiences…sounds exciting, right? Okay – perhaps not, but apparently I was motivated to share!

Later that evening, Doug said something that struck a nerve – it wasn’t meant (or taken) as hurtful, yet it cut to the quick all the same and I wasn’t exactly sure why…he said something along the lines of “You should have heard yourself this morning – sharing all the details of your work – the excitement and passion in your voice…I couldn’t help but think, ‘Wow, I wish she was that interested in me.’

In my last blog I wrote about how interested G_d is in the details of our lives…so much that He will reinforce lessons with additional materials when needed – my example was about stepping into my calling and how within a matter of hours, G_d provided multiple examples of how others struggled with the same issues and how He saw them through.

I went on to write about “choosing to seek Him daily by digging into His Word and living to exhibit a genuine level of passion for Him far exceeding any worldly interests.” – looks great on cyber paper doesn’t it? It begs a question though, “am I doing it?” Well…to be perfectly honest, no – not compeletely anyway. Granted, we all have room for growth – however, I can’t help but wonder if G_d ever looks at my life and thinks, “Wow, I wish she was that interested in me.”

You see, when I draw parallels to my everyday life, my work life in particular, I see an individual fully committed – an individual willing to trust sources, put in the time needed to learn various applications, and exhibiting a genuine passion to share with others. Sound familiar? Yes indeed! You see, G_d is so committed to a relationship with each of us, He is willing to provide a customized program – aka our lives – G_d has no desire for a cookie-cutter body of believers – He designed each of us uniquely and has a deep desire to direct the steps of our personal parade so we can better relate to Him and in turn, relate Him to others.

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