Drought Conditions

Are you searching????

Last week as my bible study came to a close in prayer, one of the ladies prayed for relief from the drought…my thoughts immediately conjured up images we’ve all seen…lakes dried up…thousands upon thousands of wildlife succumbing to the lack of nutrition…

Then God prompted me to draw a correlation to the spiritual state so many are in…boy, can I relate!  I’ve been in that desert!  Searching and searching for SOMETHING….dying of thirst and no idea what would quench it…it’s as if I was alone in the parched land with no hope of survival….the only thing I knew was that SOMETHING had to change…

And then God stepped in…actually He was there all along…it was as if I was moving Him aside so I could keep searching for a way to fill the void on my own.    

What I have learned is that God will use tools that may seem quite unconventional to bring us closer to Him.  With me? An unexpected acquaintance with someone so bold for Christ I couldn’t dodge him – believe me, I tried!  So often in life I’ve been successful intimidating others – not intentionally mind you – it usually happens when people start to get too close – I push back and generally they stay back.  Not that time…looking back I’m so incredibly thankful! 

We all need motivation to move towards change and that picture looks different for everyone.  Me? I had to first see God move in the life of  the one person on this earth I cherish most – my daughter.  Then He had to bring in a total stranger – talk about opposite ends of a spectrum!  I needed someone bold enough to show me I couldn’t dictate the circumstances of total surrender – and as my friend so succinctly put it, “that would be a peace treaty and God just doesn’t work that way!” 

The only way to survive a drought is by tapping into the true water source… I’m reminded of a sermon a year or so ago entitled  Digging Our Father’s Well   Great message – I’ll try to hit the hightlights…

Basically, we have to clear debris from our “faith well” – the well represents the place where true spiritual life is sustained.  Life has a way of filling the wells of faith with debris such as false religion, abuse, family curses, etc.  Just as Isaac took on the task of re-digging the wells of his father, we have to re-dig our wells if we want true spiritual life. 

How do you do that you ask?  Here’s a start:

  • Prioritize – our very survival depends upon digging deep for living water.
  • Recognize – life has a way of filling our well with debris that keeps us from the sweet waters of life.
  • Persist – dig past family dysfunction and cultural expectations to tap into the living water.
  • Persevere – never give up and don’t get sidetracked by others who don’t want to see you succeed.

Also, PRAY for God to send you a mentor – someone to help show you His truths. 

The great thing is, regardless of how well we know Him, God is ALWAYS by our side – especially in drought conditions.

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