God is On the Move!

I’ve heard people speak of a burning desire…a true hunger to dig deeper into God’s Word in order to know Him better – something I wasn’t convinced I could ever really relate to and doubting I understood how to get there.  Little did I realize I’m on the
right path!  Gee…I think there’s Scripture about not leaning on my own understanding….

Low and behold, over the past several months in the midst of chaos, He is clearly becoming my center – the One I’m looking to first and foremost – the One I lean on.  One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is so simple in theory – it’s the execution that proves to be a bit more of a challenge.  I’ve learned acknowledging and accepting are two very different things…

Finances:  Last Fall I acknowledged I needed God involved in my finances, but I wasn’t ready – I wanted to be ready, but I wasn’t – at least not until this past Spring…I prayed – engaged others in praying for me for God to give me the courage to deal with years of neglect…it was ugly, but there was also a sense of peace because He also equipped me with the tools to work through poor decisions of the past.

Little did I know after only a few short months into getting God involved in my finances I would be faced with huge home repair bills.  What started as a minor project, quickly evolved into major home repairs requiring immediate attention – repairs I did not have sufficient savings to cover; after the initial shock subsided, it was surprisingly easy to turn the situation over to Him and fully trust Him to handle it – and He did! Although the damage is extensive, actual costs are coming in thousands below original estimates.

Relationships: saying I wanted God’s will for a relationship and stepping aside for Him to reveal His will? Yeah…it didn’t happen…well, not at first.  And of course I prayed for Him to guide me – I just wasn’t ready to accept His answer.  What I did know?  I wasn’t giving my relationship with God the attention it so desperately needed.  I soon realized I couldn’t do both.  After my many failed attempts to fix things on my own, I finally relinquished control to Him, and I am now enjoying extraordinary peace and He is taking my relationship with Him to a completely different level!

So how did my perspective change so radically?  It didn’t.  I just wasn’t there yet – I was, however, doing EXACTLY what God wants me to do – loving Him through obedience, growing in His Word, and letting Him be involved in my life.  It’s not a magical formula, but it is a transformational process only He can manage.

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