He’s Big Enough

Yesterday my Words of Encouragement were on target (as usual!):

“Dear Lord, I trust You – regardless of what the situations around me say.  I know that You won’t leave me or forsake me and that You’re big enough to handle my dilemma.”

As I read the short prayer, I was thinking, “That’s right! – He’s got it covered!”

The frustrating thing is, it wasn’t two hours before I’d completely discharged that affirmation from my thought process – I allowed myself to be focused on my circumstance versus the One “big enough” to manage my circumstance.

Fortunately God isn’t expecting me to get the timing right in every situation – when I arrived at the office this morning, there was the prayer staring me in the face – a gentle reminder – I may have forgotten the words in the prayer, but not the truth in the prayer – He was ever present as I journaled before the day came to a close…

Mentally I know God has my dilemma covered – pesky home repairs – the damage may be costly, the bank account may be drying up, but He is faithful! His love NEVER FAILS! I know He will provide everything I need and will carry me through this challenge…now if I can consistently connect all of that to my heart.  And although it’s a uncomfortable process, I’m so thankful He is growing me!

The truths and promises I know to stand on come to mind – “He’s brought me this far, He’s not going to let me down now…all I have to do is TRUST HIM” coupled with a recent message on discipleship – it’s as if Jesus is running beside me rooting me on to victory cheering, “DON’T GIVE UP! DON’T GIVE UP! DON’T GIVE UP!”  

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