Open to Receiving the Call…

 December 28, 2009

A few months ago I received a phone call from a distant acquaintance who wanted contact information for someone else I’m not particularly close to.  Sounds odd, doesn’t it?  From a logical perspective, I wasn’t the ideal choice, but who am I to question? I took the info and passed it along. 


A week or so ago I noticed several missed calls from the same person, but no messages. Granted, I could have just ignored the calls, but instead I passed along a message with perhaps a greater impact.  I told the person about the missed calls with no messages, but most likely the only reason they would have called was to contact her.  The note I received in return was a wonderful gift…she thanked me for being open to receiving the calls and went on to say she was working towards mending an estranged relationship.  Hmmm…open to receiving the call…

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