July 21, 2010


Do you attempt to micromanage God?  It never occurred to me until today that’s exactly what I tend to do!  Sounds ridiculous, right?  Of course I don’t start out each day deliberately thinking I know how to handle my life better than God, but my actions show differently.  Watch the picture unfold… 


Last week my nephew posted a link to a video called “The Stool” http://www.worshiphousemedia.com/mini-movies/11396/The-Stool – it’s a short clip with two individuals and a stool.  The male represents Jesus and the stool represents decisions in the woman’s life.  Theoretically, she acknowledges Jesus makes perfect decisions for her life, but it doesn’t take any time before she finds herself crowding out Jesus for control over the stool.  There’s a great line that stuck with me, “I’m kinda one-cheeking it here.” 


Not so long ago, I was having a conversation with a friend and expressing frustrations in workplace relationships.  My struggles stemmed from a senior management team member not fully allowing me to do my job. He’d give a project to me, but it was as if he was still holding on only to take it back.  He’d go and work on the project on his own, then when he got stuck guess what happened? Of course! He would give it back.  How could I possibly show him my full capabilities if he kept taking back control? HELLO?????


I must have shared the workplace scenario on multiple occasions and it never dawned on me until just this morning I tend to do the EXACT same thing with God.  How can He possibly show me His full potential when I try to one-cheek my relationship with Him? It doesn’t work, does it?  Unlike my frustrations in the workplace, God isn’t going to fight for control over decisions in my life.  He will patiently wait until I decide to “Let Go and Let God” – and yes, that was a blog in the not so distant past…


Although it may seem like it’s the same scenario (letting go) over and over again, I can see my relationship with God changing – growing – strengthening every day.  And as I gradually give up the pieces of my life I’ve held on to so stubbornly, my heart is lighter and it feels AMAZING!  It’s kind of like when you try to hold your breath and you can’t hold it any longer…that next breath?  It’s incredible – such a relief, right?  Well it’s the same thing when you completely give something to God …His breath fills your life and propels you forward in a way you could never imagine.

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