Letting Go

January 10, 2010

The way people celebrate the New Year is interesting – parties til all hours of the night, quiet get-togethers, loud get-togethers, etc.  This year I did something different.  I was fortunate to spend New Year’s Eve at a tiny church in a tiny town with a friend and about 50 or so (maybe more) total strangers with at least one common thread.  We had gathered to hear Sarah Reeves and John Waller – two amazing Christian artists.  I’d never heard Sarah before that night, but her voice was like an angel’s and I am excited to hear her again.  Most people probably know of John from the movie Fireproof and the song While I’m Waiting.  I’ve only listened to his music for a few short months, but his songs are powerful and I was eager to hear him in a live setting.  It wasn’t a concert per se, it was more like a quiet evening of ministry through music.  John shared with us some of his journeys leading to songs.

It was personal and profound how God is using John to reach others – to spread His Word.  And the thing is, I’m pretty sure God wants that kind of relationship with all of us – to be a vessel of sorts.  I’m sure a gazillion folks already get this concept, but not everyone travels at the same pace – me, for example! 

The trouble is those pesky negatives that seem so easy to draw my attention…fear, rejection, doubt, guilt, shame, you name it…all the things I let get in the way.  If Our God…your God…my God… really is to reign over my life, I have to look beyond all that. What to do?  I know I keep saying the same thing over and over…it’s not complicated…it’s ridiculously simple and I make it complicated….Just let go. Let God.

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