Leap of Faith

November 20, 2009

Good grief! Two weeks with no writing? I think the idea of journaling is to express thoughts and watch God’s picture unfold vs. figuring it all out THEN writing it down – control issues? me? understatement! Earlier in the week it seemed acceptance was the topic – something about the holidays and unrealistic expectations – now see? If I’d written a few days ago I wouldn’t be trying to explain it now…

In my last entry I ended with “Trust in the Lord…” – that is, and surely will continue to be the overwhelming theme for the foreseeable future. Slowly, very slowly, but surely, I’m learning to lean on God; not my nature – leaning on God or anyone else for that matter…I’m like the eternal 2yr old with the all too often “I can do it myself” attitude – yes, you could say it’s borderline delusional…

It’s a very slow recognition process, but I’m finding the more I focus on God’s Word, the less difficult it is to let go – I could have written, “the easier it is to let go” but it’s nowhere near easy – it’s hard – it’s scary – gee, I guess that’s why they call it a Leap of Faith.

This week has been filled with obvious issues to trust G-d and see where my faith really lies…in me? in the world? in God? Like a catchy jingle that plays over and over in my head…the thought that keeps popping in my head lately is “Trust Me” – yes, I realize I ended with the same thought last time – apparently God is making a point!

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