Keeping Responsibility in Check


December 30, 2010

The word “Responsibility” brings to mind so many positive connotations – reliability, trustworthiness, conscientiousness, accountability…so to assume responsibility for actions is a good thing, right? Well…not always…a challenge I continue to struggle with is taking responsibility for other’s actions.  It’s certainly not as if I don’t have enough responsibility on my plate, but for some reason I tend to try and pile on more. 


A few weeks ago, my bible study group went through the process of writing our testimonies.  It was surprisingly easy to write mine – I suppose because I’ve been writing and sharing discoveries over the past year…but then I went back and took a long look. 


The never-ending “if-then” equation…and although I had written the words, lived and breathed the words, I hadn’t completely connected the dots between my head and my heart.  More often than not, my “if-thens” are rooted in feelings of abandonment and being good enough…You see, I know choices of others rarely have ANYTHING to do with me and my shortcomings, but apparently I don’t always buy it.  Why is it so easy to believe I am/was the cause? Perhaps because it’s easier to blame myself rather than someone else?


On the opposite end of the spectrum is when I see people NOT taking responsibility, or worse, blaming others for their problems.  It makes my heart so sad to see adults fiercely holding on to that “if-then” equation… their shortcomings being the direct result of someone else’s actions.  But isn’t it equally sad to believe my own perceived shortcomings are to blame? Absolutely!


So what am I doing about it?

  • Step One? Acknowledgment – seeing that taking responsibility for other’s actions is a challenge for me
  • Step Two? Action – choosing that I want something different
  • Step Three? Obedience to His Word – only God can transform my mindset and move me forward


Oh gee…isn’t it interesting these are the same simple steps in developing a deeper relationship with God? How about that…sort of like washing your hair…lather, rinse, repeat…except there’s no comparison to the cleansing God provides!


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